Big Data Analysis Using the LONI Pipeline

April 17, 2012, 9AM-12PM

The LONI Pipeline environment is a free distributed workflow application that enables users to quickly create computational processing protocols, execute these as graphical workflows, monitor the state of their analyses, and broadly disseminate the detailed provenance of data and processing protocols. Modern neuroimaging studies obtain more data than ever before. What is more, researchers are linking brain imaging metrics with genetic, phenomic, and other equally large data structures. Analysis of these data requires efficient but heterogeneous processing workflows which take advantage of grid compute clusters. In this series of presentations, we will introduce the use of the LONI Pipeline workflow environment and showcase its use for large-scale neuroimaging and genomics data processing and informatics. If you are interested in large-scale science, then this will certainly be of interest to you and your research program.

Who may be interested in this event?
Neuroimaging researchers, computational scientists, bioinformaticians.

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Contact Information

Laboratory of Neuro Imaging,
Department of Neurology,
UCLA School of Medicine
635 Charles Young Drive South, Suite 225
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7334
Phone: 310-206-2101
Fax: 310-206-5518
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Event Location
UCLA Neuroscience Research Building (NRB) Auditorium.
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Event Flier

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