Become a Collaborator

To access LONI’s computing cluster, users need to apply to become a Pipeline Collaborator. Collaborators will regularly contribute to LONI activities such as meetings, events, validation, dissemination, reporting, and may be involved with joint student or fellow training.

Benefits include:

  • Potential joint work with LONI faculty, direct IT support, access to LONI’s computational database, storage, web-services, and networking infrastructure
  • Access to LONI software, data, the Pipeline environment and multidisciplinary scientific expertise
  • Access to storage on the LONI servers
  • Ability to pilot test, provide feedback and directly influence novel LONI tools, study designs and services

Expectations of a Pipeline Collaborator:

  • Active, timely and expert participation in one or more LONI projects
  • Participation in LONI grant applications, publications and scientific progress reports
  • Sharing of challenges, data, tools, expertise and resources with LONI investigators
  • Research in underlying biological problems or core technology and development projects
  • Follow LONI Policies