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Pipeline Grid Plugins

Pipeline grants developers the opportunity to create their own plugins to communicate with various grid managers. The default Pipeline package includes the JGDIPlugin and the DRMAAPlugin plugins created for Sun Grid Engine but they may work with Oracle Grid Engine, Univa Grid Engine or Son of Grid Engine. Both plugins are housed under the gridplugins directory which is parented under the dist directory in the installed package of Pipeline. All additional plugins you wish to employ can be downloaded separately.

Plugin/Module Version Last Updated Links
JGDIPlugin for SGE 3.4 November 3, 2015 download | source
DRMAAPlugin for SGE 3.1 November 3, 2015 download | source
DRMAAPlugin for GridWay dev download* | source*
DRMAAPlugin for PBS/Torque dev download* | source*
LSFPlugin for LSF 3.0 November 7, 2012 download* | source*
PipelineGridPlugin module 3.1 November 3, 2015 download | more info
*indicates that the plugin is available in our private repositories, but it is in beta stage, which means that it hasn’t been well tested yet. Please contact us ( if you need more information.

For more information on how to set up Pipeline Grid Plugin, please refer to theĀ Server Guide.

Download Smartline Conversion Program Version 1.1
Download Smartline Conversion Program for the Pipeline server. If you are setting up your own Pipeline server, you have to install this program on your server so that workflows with Smartline can be run. Please follow the instructions in the download package.

Authentication Modules

For more information about Authentication modules, please check the Server Guide.

Pipeline Web Start

Click here to see how to set up Pipeline Web Start.

Utility Tools

XNATGet.jar download

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