Products & Services

The LONI Pipeline is comprised of several components, each fulfilling a different need in neuroimaging research. The features researchers choose to utilize will vary based on individual study aims and computing capacity. All of the Pipeline products and services are available for free. To learn more about features, compatibility and specifications, review the full list of products and services below.

Download Pipeline Software

Download the latest version of LONI Pipeline.

Pipeline Web Start (PWS)

Pipeline Web Start (PWS) grants users access to all of Pipeline’s features using their web browser instead of a manual download.

Distributed Pipeline Server

Install the Distributed Pipeline Server to build and configure backend grid management resources (grid engine) and a number of computational imaging and informatics software tools.

Amazon EC2

Set up your Pipeline server on Amazon EC2 within minutes for free.

Server Plugins

Developers can utilize the plugin-ins included in the Pipeline package or create their own to meet individual research needs.

Workflow Miner

Workflow MinerĀ gives users a place to explore modules and build workflows.

Brain Viewer

Instantly view brain imaging data in 3D in your browser.

Image analysis tools designed to process magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the human head.

Brain Book

Color label 3D imaging data in your browser.

Brain Puzzle

Solve partial brain pieces by moving them in 3D.