“…the workflow ran in 54 minutes and every module read 100% complete in green. That is about twice as fast as it ever ran before with the same number of images. Quite an improvement. Also, it was nice to see the ROI labels for each of the 56 brain structures listed at the top of the output file. I think that will help the end users a lot when they get their first output.”

– Anonymous User (2012)


“I found the download/installation instructions to be complete and intuitive. The computational libraries seem fairly extensive. I would appreciate more workflows particularly with DTI and structural connectivity analyses. The Pipeline seems to have many available workflows and seems easy to adapt to any new processing that is relevant to a particular user.”

– Pipeline Workshop Trainee (2012)


“[A] great tool you guys have created, it really seems very powerful. I’ve tried out the standalone version and played around on the trial server, … I’d really like to do is to install it onto a local cluster.”

– Anonymous User (2012)


“[The LONI] Pipeline looks promising for our purposes!”

– Investigator, University of Missouri (2012)


“I’m totally new to Pipeline and … installed a Pipeline server on our own space.”

– Pipeline Forum User (2012)


“[The LONI Pipeline] is coming along nicely … we’ve been finding a number of sensible results…. I’m going to focus first on the Global Shape Analysis and then proceed … to start looking at specific SNP/genotype variations in relation to structure”

– Collaborator (2011)


“A large number of us Hoffman users are interested in using the pipeline”

– UCLA IDRE Cluster Investigator (2011)


“Cool it works…”

– Investigator, Emory University (2011)


“Great work on the pipeline guys. It’s truly amazing.”

– Pipeline Forum User (2011)


“For the last three months, I have used the LONI Pipeline software. I cannot emphasize enough how useful this software has been for my research. I could have used other resources but the implementation of the Pipeline has accelerated my research. I have been able to analyze more sequences with Pipeline than in my previous three years at the University.

“In particular, we analyzed more than 600,000 sequences from a metagenome. This means that we extracted DNA from soil in an extreme environment and sequenced it. We received 600,000 sequences (with an average length of 250 letters). Once these sequences are received and filtered (a quality control check), they have to be compared against millions of sequences in a database. This process can take several weeks on our servers and an expert programmer has to perform this process. With Pipeline, I can execute this process on my computer in several hours. Without Pipeline, I wouldn’t be writing the manuscript for several more months.

“Pipeline has enhanced my research and I plan to use the software in the near future for more analyses of genomes and metagenomes.”

– Professor, University of the Andes, Colombia (2010)


Who Uses Pipeline?

A distributed LONI Pipeline client-server infrastructure is in use at the following institutions.
Please contact us if you would like to get your organization on this list.