Pipeline Features

The LONI Pipeline is a free workflow application primarily aimed at computational scientists. With the LONI Pipeline, users can quickly create workflows that take advantage of all the greatest tools available in neuroimaging, genomics, bioinformatics, etc. Learn more >

Cross Platform Compatible

Work in the operating system that suits you best. Connect from your client to execute processing and analysis remotely on other operating systems.

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Cross Platform

Simple User Interface

Free yourself from the hassle of being bogged down by system administration and focus energy on current research problems.

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Grid Support

Take advantage of a supercomputing environment by automatically parallelizing data-independent programs in a given analysis.

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Pipeline Library

Access hundreds of predefined neuroimaging solutions, including data, modules and workflows that are automatically updated.

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  • Pipeline 7.0 Released

    March 29, 2017
    Pipeline has been updated to use Java 1.8 as well as a new faster, more reliable database!

    New window in the help menu which summarizes how Pipeline works together with a compute cluster
    New window for displaying detailed information about the grid using new grid stat plugin
    Remote and local file editor feature added to module definition window and Tools menu
    Job management system by module name across all users
    List of program packages available to users on a server is now displayed […]

  • Pipeline 7.0 Release Notes

    March 24, 2017
    Pipeline version 7.0 is just around the corner! Please read this post for full details about when the release will take place and what is new in this version!
    Release Date
    We plan to update the server from 7pm to 11pm PST on Tuesday March 28.
    Important: Please do not submit¬†any jobs via Pipeline that won’t complete¬†before 6:30pm on Tuesday. Although once they make it to the grid, they will run without interruption, we cannot guarantee that you will be able […]