Pipeline Training – May 2012

LONI Pipeline Hands-On Training Day, UCLA

When: Monday, May 21, 2012, 9AM – 3PM
Where: LONI DIVE Theater, NRB #225, UCLA (Map)

Are you interested in learning more about LONI Pipeline? A programming expert wanting to know more about the integration of your tools with Pipeline? Are you in charge of a compute cluster and think that Pipeline might be right for you and your lab? Then you should attend one or more of these hands-on Pipeline training sessions! Please bring your own laptop.

9am-11am – Pipeline Workflow Basics: We’ll teach you how to get started creating your own Pipeline workflows and on your way to becoming a Pipeline expert in no time. This session will be specifically focused on the hands-on construction of Pipeline workflows from the ground up. Ideal for students and trainees having limited programming experience but a need to analyze large data sets using existing processing tools. Bring your PC/Mac laptop. Pipeline software to be provided. Topics covered include parts of user guide and handbook.

11am-1pm – Pipeline Module Library Construction: Got a set of Linux command line C, Java, Python, Bash programs that you would like to see as Pipeline modules? We’ll help you create a personal library of Pipeline modules and workflows from your own tools making them sharable with members of your lab and others! Have your laptop handy with access to your software routines and we’ll get you started. Topics covered include parts of user guide and handbook.

1pm-3pm – Pipeline Server Installation, User, and Job Management – Are you a lab or center IT manager looking for a grid enabled compute environment for your users? Want user and job management tools to help maximize cluster utility? Are you a lab PI with a new cluster and want to put it to good use? Then this session is for you. We’ll describe all of the steps for deploying Pipeline to your own compute cluster and how to manage users and track job submissions, etc. Topics covered include server guide.

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The event flier can be downloaded here (pdf format, 4 MB).