Pipeline 2011 INCF Neuroinformatics Training

Event: 2011 INCF Neuroinformatics Meeting (http://neuroinformatics2011.org)

Time: 1:30PM-3:30PM, Sunday September 4 and Monday September 5, 2011

Place: Boston, MA (event venue)

Presenter: John D. Van Horn, PhD, LONI, UCLA

Summary: This hands-on training course will demonstrate data processing, analysis and result interpretation using the LONI Pipeline environment which is a graphical framework for development, maintenance and dissemination of neuroimaging protocols. The Pipeline environment offers a scalable infrastructure for graphical integration of diverse, complex and heterogeneous software. This course will demonstrate the design and execution of Pipeline library modules and workflows. Attendees will get acquainted with the Pipeline interface and learn how to describe their own modules and create processing workflows, including a hands-on demonstration of segmentation, shape analysis and cortical thickness workflows.

Flier: The event flier can be viewed here.