Pipeline Web Start (PWS)

The LONI Pipeline Web Start (PWS) allows users to start the LONI Pipeline application directly from the web browser and run it locally without any installation. It has all the features and functionality of the downloadable stand-alone Pipeline application and allows anonymous guest access or user-authentication to connect to remote Pipeline servers.

Server Library Navigator

The Server Library Navigator provides a web-based interface for discovering, downloading, sharing, exploring and running predefined Pipeline resources (data, executable modules, workflows and services) on the LONI Pipeline server. You can interactively view a summary of a workflow, download the .pipe XML file, load and launch the workflow using Pipeline Web Start. Feel free to browse below, or click here to open the Server Library Navigator in a new browser window.

Pipeline Usage Statistics

The Pipeline Usage Statistics page shows usage statistics on the LONI Pipeline Cranium server. It includes CPU hours of all executions, number of jobs submitted to the grid, and number of connections to the server.