Pipeline Training Events

These streaming videos are captured from Pipeline Events. They provided updates on new features and show example usage. For basic videos, please see our Pipeline Screencasts.

Big Data Analysis Using the LONI Pipeline (April 2012)

In this series of presentations, we introduce the use of the LONI Pipeline workflow environment and showcase its use for large-scale neuroimaging and genomics data processing and informatics. If you are interested in large-scale science, then this will certainly be of interest to you and your research program.


Pipeline Version 5.0 Training (April 2010)

The following videos showcase the new features and improvements in Pipeline Version 5.0 (release date April 01, 2010). The topics discussed include Study Modules, Conditionals, Iterators, the Pipeline Neuroimaging Virtual Environment and Improvements and Bug Fixes.


Pipeline Genomics and Informatics Webcast

This video demonstrates the Pipeline’s functionality for managing bioinformatics and genomics analyses protocols.
Pipeline Genomics and Informatics Webcast Video