Pipeline 6.0

Redesigned Server Core

Redesigned core components including backend database schema, job submission mechanism, execution and user management, and module execution statuses. These changes improve overall performance and reliability.

Directory Access Restrictions

This feature will allow administrators to set multiple directory access control with more options and should replace the DACMode feature.

Module Functions

Added “add metadata” and “remove metadata” buttons for data modules. Added auto select file type for data module. Added data extract/string output parameter the option to extract the entire output/error stream.

New Command Line Interface Options

New command line interface (CLI) options including list all active sessions, show status of a given session, and stop/reset/pause/resume a given session.

Improved Server Terminal

Added synchronization/update checking mechanism on server preferences from multiple sessions. When user saves preferences that are outdated (saved by another session), it will inform either overwrite or discard/refresh options. Also added multiple workflows/batch actions to reset/stop/pause/resume multiple workflows at a time.