Pipeline 5.7

Restart Failed Instances

If you have a module with multiple failed instances, you can now use “restart failed instances” option. With one click, all failed instances of the module will be resubmitted. In addition, initialized, backlogged, queued, and submitting module/instance can now be restarted.

User Interface Improvements

There are a few user interface improvements, including the elimination of stop button (reset and pause buttons still function as before), annotation improvements, and statues on data sinks.

Improved Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Pipeline command line interface (CLI) now shows workflow status (complete with error/success) when -sync option is enabled. It will also check and report problem when credential is missing for a given workflow.

Message to Users

Message to Users allows server admins to send messages to all or any connected users. Message recipients have ability to send a reply message to the server admin.