Pipeline 5.6

Redesigned Validation Message Window

The validation message window is redesigned in this version. In addition to validation errors, validation warnings have been added. Warnings can be ignored and a workflow with warnings can still be submitted. Warnings could be missing input files and/or invalid executable paths. Those are server configurable.

Improved Server Library Loading Time

Now server library loading are much faster upon server connections. Only the metadata of the server library tree is retrieved, and actual files in the server library are retrieved on demand.

Server Features

Several new server features have been added in this version, including support for multiple queue submission, detection of inaccessible files on the cluster nodes and resubmit the job, sending an email to server admins when free space of temp directory or home directory of Pipeline server user goes lower than the set number, and feature which sends more details for each command line argument when submitting the job via the plugin.