Pipeline 5.1

Array Job Submission

The Pipeline server now supports array job submission via JGDI plugin. Array job improves the total processing time of a workflow by combining repeated jobs into one job. Everything is transparent to the users, with individual job’s output and error logs displayed as before. The total processing time on workflows with large number of instances will be improved dramatically.

User Management

User management is supported for Pipeline server. Once enabled, user’s job slot allocation will be based on the number of free slots on submission time and percentage allowed per user. This value is dynamically calculated and updated. User will also be able to monitor their own usage by clicking the server status label on the lower right corner.

XNAT Database

Pipeline now supports XNAT database. Collections on any XNAT server can be integrated as a module with output, by providing an XNAT catalog file and your XNAT credential. The module can be connected to any input processing modules. When executing, the compute nodes will download the data, convert to desired file type and proceed into the subsequent module. For more information, please refer to user guide – XNAT.

Server Configuration Tool

Server configuration tool lets Pipeline server administrators easily configure Pipeline server’s preferences. The tool includes all the preferences required and provides brief description for each field. It has five categories, General,  Grid, Access, Packages and Advanced.

MPI and Special Queue Support

Pipeline server supports MPI for SGE and a special queue with external network access enabled. With server support, user can right click on module and under Execution tab’s Advanced Options, provide MPI parameters or check the checkbox to enable external network access queue.

For detailed change logs, please check the release notes.

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