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Description:MRIcron dcm2nii OPTIONS: -a Anonymize [remove identifying information]: Y,N = Y -d Date in filename [filename.dcm -> 20061230122032.nii]: Y,N = Y -e events (series/acq) in filename [filename.dcm -> s002a003.nii]: Y,N = Y -f Source filename [e.g. filename.par -> filename.nii]: Y,N = Y -g gzip output, filename.nii.gz [ignored if '-n n']: Y,N = Y -i ID in filename [filename.dcm -> johndoe.nii]: Y,N = Y -n output .nii file [if no, create .hdr/.img pair]: Y,N = Y -o Output Directory, e.g. 'C:\TEMP' (if unspecified, source directory is used) -p Protocol in filename [filename.dcm -> TFE_T1.nii]: Y,N = Y -s SPM2/Analyze not SPM5/NIfTI [ignored if '-n y']: Y,N = N -v Convert every PAR file in the directory: Y,N = Y EXAMPLE: dcm2nii -a y /Users/Joe/Documents/dcm/IM_0116
Input Parameters:
 - Anonymize
 - Date in Filename
 - Events
 - Source Filename
 - Gzip Output
 - ID in Filename
 - Output .nii File
 - Output Directory
 - Protocol in Filename
 - SPM2/Analyze not SPM5/NIfTI
 - Convert Every PAR File
 - Input Directory of DICOMs
Output Parameters:
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