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Description:BagIt is a hierarchical file packaging format designed to support disk-based storage and network transfer of arbitrary digital content. A "bag" consists of a "payload" (the arbitrary content) and "tags", which are metadata files intended to document the storage and transfer of the bag. A required tag file contains a manifest listing every file in the payload together with its corresponding checksum. The name, BagIt, is inspired by the "enclose and deposit" method, sometimes referred to as "bag it and tag it". BagIt Library (BIL) Version 4.10.0-SNAPSHOT Usage: bag [operation arguments] [--help] Parameters: Valid operations are: baginplace, checkpayloadoxum, create, fillholey, generatepayloadoxum, makecomplete, makeholey, retrieve, splitbagbyfiletype, splitbagbysize, splitbagbysizeandfiletype, update, updatepayloadoxum, updatetagmanifests, verifycomplete, verifypayloadmanifests, verifytagmanifests and verifyvalid. Operation explanations: baginplace: Creates a bag-in-place. The source must be a directory on a filesystem and may already have a data directory. checkpayloadoxum: Generates Payload-Oxum and checks against Payload-Oxum in bag-info.txt. create: Creates a bag from supplied files/directories, completes the bag, and then writes in a specified format. fillholey: Retrieves any missing pieces of a local bag. generatepayloadoxum: Generates and returns the Payload-Oxum for the bag. makecomplete: Completes a bag and then writes in a specified format. Completing a bag fills in any missing parts. makeholey: Generates a fetch.txt and then writes bag in a specified format. retrieve: Retrieves a bag exposed by a web server. A local holey bag is not required. splitbagbyfiletype: Splits a bag by file types. splitbagbysize: Splits a bag by size. splitbagbysizeandfiletype: Splits a bag by size and file types. update: Updates the manifests and (if it exists) the bag-info.txt for a bag. updatepayloadoxum: Generates and updates the Payload-Oxum in the bag-info.txt. The bag must be unserialized. updatetagmanifests: Updates the tag manifests for a bag. The bag must be unserialized. verifycomplete: Verifies the completeness of a bag. verifypayloadmanifests: Verifies the checksums in all payload manifests. verifytagmanifests: Verifies the checksums in all tag manifests. verifyvalid: Verifies the validity of a bag. [--version] Prints version of BIL and exits. [--help] Prints usage message for the operation. Examples: bag verifyvalid --help Prints help for the verifyvalid operation.
Input Parameters:
 - source
 - payloads
 - Operation
 - baginfo file
Output Parameters:
 - destination
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