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Description:The program allows vertices of a shape to be chosen via various selection criteria. The selected vertices are written to an output file. The selection criteria currently supported are: Non Zero Coordinates select all vertices containing coordinate values that are not zero. Non Zero Fractional Coordinates select vertices with any coordinate having a non-zero fractional part. Ex. 2.2343 Multiple selection criteria may be specified; vertices satisfiying any of these (logical OR) are selected. The following selected vertex reports are currently available: Vertex Number prints the vertex number of selected vertices 2D map maps the vertex number into a 2d grid (e.g. from an originating image) of user selected width and height
Input Parameters:
 - Jar
 - -width
 - -height
 - -report
 - -selectNonZeroFraction
 - -selectNonZero
 - -help
 - -version
 - -verbose
 - -license
 - -twiki
 - input
Output Parameters:
 - -output
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