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Description:This applicaiton creates an image file from a given shape. This program constructs image voxel volume from a Shape surface and write an image file from the created image volume. An Analyze Image volume is created from the vertices and edges of a Shape surface by following steps: A three dimensional voxel volume is created with off value(default value of off value is 0.), and a coordinate system is assigned to the Analyze Image voxels. This voxel volume is eventually filled in with "on" value (default value of on value is 0xffffffff.) if a voxel contains a vertex of the Shape surface, or if those points which are sampld on the edges of the sahpe. Note: Samping is only occurs at the vertices and on the edges, and no sample is selected in the ihterior of the surface(faces) in this version.
Input Parameters:
 - Jar
 - -examples
 - -vertex
 - -edge
 - -face
 - -dim
 - -start
 - -stride
 - -overwrite
 - -type
 - -bitsperpixel
 - -on
 - -off
 - -outputType
 - -shape
 - -template
 - -help
 - -version
 - -verbose
 - -license
 - -twiki
 - -mirrorxy
 - -mirrorxz
 - -mirroryz
Output Parameters:
 - -output
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