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Name:Shape Statistics
Type: Module
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Description:This program calculates a variety of statistical measurements on the vertices of a population of shape files. In most cases, a value associated with each vertex of the population is compared with the homologous vertex of an average reference file. The results of the calculation are stored in an output file that is a copy of the input reference file. The output attributes are named, either by default, or by a name selected by the user via command line arguments. This The output file type matches the input reference file type, if that file allows storage of per-vertex data values (attributes). For calculations that analyze a per-vertex data attribute of the input files, the attribute analyzed is selected as follows: * if no input attribute is explicitly specified, then the first attribute of the input files is used. * if the user specifies the name of the data value to analyze, that data attribute is processed, provided all input files (both population and reference file) contain an attribute with that name. If any do not, the program prints an error message, and exits with error status. Note file specifications are cumulative, and required. You must include one of the following list; you may use all. * -files file0 file1 file2 ... * -directory directory_containing_files * -list a_text_list_of_files
Input Parameters:
 - Jar
 - -examples
 - -remove
 - -statistic
 - -inputAttr
 - -outputAttr
 - -reference
 - -list
 - -directory
 - -files
 - -help
 - -version
 - -verbose
 - -license
 - -twiki
Output Parameters:
 - -output
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