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Description:A common problem in analysis of shapes is to find the curvature of the surface (hull) defined by the shape. No tools exist for the data types used by the CCB researchers at the Laboratory of Neuro-Imaging. An easily used tool that will read the commonly used data file formats is needed to enable these calculations to be used in neurological research. The ShapeCurvature program allows a neuroscientist to calcualate the curvature of a surface mesh that is stored in a shape file. These curvature values may be written to disk files in a variety of file formats, some of which allow this value to be stored as a data attribute of a copy of the original file. Where allowed by the file format the curvature at each surface vertex is saved. If not allowed by the file format an equivalent file is saved in the OpenDX file format. These curvature values may also be saved as an ascii text file for subsequent analysis by other tools.
Input Parameters:
 - Jar
 - -help
 - -examples
 - -version
 - -verbose
 - -license
 - -mean
 - -gaussian
 - -principal
 - -infinity
 - -textout
 - -dxout
 - -attr
 - inputFile
 - -pipeline
 - -twiki
Output Parameters:
 - outputFile
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