Module Detail Information

Name:Shape Attribute
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:Adds a list of scalar values to a shape, as a per vertex attribute. This program may be used to associate a table of numbers with the vertices of a shape. A typical use would be to set the value of the "4d" attribute of a UCF file, given a list of the '4d" values.
Input Parameters:
 - Jar
 - -verbose
 - -skipHeader
 - -skipColumn
 - -shape
 - -sequence
 - -table
 - -attrName
 - -overwrite
 - -dxout
 - -plyAscii
 - -inputDelimiter
 - -examples
 - -help
 - -version
 - -license
 - -twiki
Output Parameters:
 - -output
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