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Name:N3 correction
Type: Module
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Description:This program is a simplified interface to the scripts nu_estimate and nu_evaluate for correcting for intensity non-uniformity in MR volumes. The N3 method [1] should work with any MR volume including raw (non-stereotaxic) data. The performance of this method can be enhanced by supplying a mask for the region of interest.
Input Parameters:
 - Overwrite
 - Stop
 - Full-width half-maximum
 - Distance
 - Iterations
 - Mapping directory
 - Input
 - Verbose
 - Execute
 - Temporary Directory
 - Keep Temp Files
 - Version
 - Mask
 - Additional options
 - Shrink
 - Normalize Field
 - Version 0.9
 - Version 1.0
Output Parameters:
 - Output
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