Module Detail Information

Name:MINC Blur
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:Blurs an input volume using a Gaussian bluring kernel of user-defined width. NOTE: Either full-width-half max, standard deviation, or 3D full width-half max, parameter NEEDS to be enabled for MincBlur to work.
Input Parameters:
 - Gradient
 - Version
 - Verbose
 - Standard Deviation
 - Do Not Clobber
 - Quiet
 - Gaussian
 - Do Not Apodize
 - 3D Full Width Half Max
 - Dimensions
 - Input
 - Rect (Box)
 - Debug
 - Clobber
 - Partial
 - Full Width Half Max
Output Parameters:
 - Temp Output
 - Output
 - Partial Derivative dx Output
 - Partial Derivative dy Output
 - Partial Derivative dz Output
 - Partial Derivative dxyz Output
 - Gradient Magnitude Volume Output
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