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Name:LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas
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Description: The LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas (LPBA40) is a series of maps of brain anatomic regions. These maps were produced from a set of whole-head MRI of 40 human volunteers. Each MRI was manually delineated to identify a set of 56 structures in the brain, most of which are within the cortex. These delineations were then transformed into a common atlas space to produce a set of co-registered anatomical labels. The original MRI data were also transformed into the atlas space. The 3D volumes contained within this data set represent: Intensity averages of the co-registered skull-stripped MRI volumes. Probabilistic tissue maps based on automated classification of the native-space MRI into white matter, grey matter, and cerebrospinal fluid. Probabilistic maps for each delineated structure. Probabilistic maps for the grey matter portions of each structure. Maximum likelihood maps that identify the most likely structure at each voxel in the atlas space.
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