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Name:False Discovery Rate Correction
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:This module applies False Discovery Error (FDR) correction to p-values fro both Shapes and volumes. Shape data is entered as a list of p_values. Volume data is intered as raw binary volumes. Responses are the VOLUME/IMAGE intensities at each voxel location. Predictors/covariates are various subject demographic, clinical or phenotypic data (e.g., MMSE, CDR, Gender, etc.) More information about this tool is available here:
Input Parameters:
 - Input Filename (raw P-values)
 - Data Type
 - Byte-Order
 - Number of P-values
 - FDR Rate (q)
 - Dimensions
 - Mask
 - Voxel Size
 - Memory Allocation
Output Parameters:
 - Output Filename (DFDR-corrected p-values)
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