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Name:DTI Regression Statistics
Type: Module
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Description:This program will compute statistics based on the linear LS estimate of the second rank tensor.
Input Parameters:
 - Input 4D raw data image file
 - Input diff file
 - Input diff tensor image file
 - Input b0 estimated image file
 - Only compute # slice in x
 - Only compute # slice in y
 - Only compute # slice in z
 - Swap bytes
 - b0 data usage
 - Eigenvalue constraints
 - Model menu
Output Parameters:
 - Output Rsquared image
 - Output Correlation coefficient image
 - Output F statistics (regression)
 - Output Residuals
 - Output Standardized residuals
 - Output AIC (voxel)
 - Output AIC (w/correction for small n)
 - Output BIC (voxel)
 - Output Likelihood (voxel)
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