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Description:dcm2img Authored by David W. Shattuck, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Dept. of Neurology, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. Compiled at 13:56:21 on Aug 1 2009 usage: dcm2img [settings] required settings: -i filelist optional settings: --move move files to sub-directories --timer time the conversion -r use radiological orientation --info information only --lpi rotate to LPI/RAS coordinates -n output nifti -z gzip output -v verbosity verbose level (0=quiet, 1=some info, 2=lots [default: 0]
Input Parameters:
 - input
 - move
 - timer
 - radiological orientation
 - information
 - LPI
 - Output nifti
 - Output gzip
 - verbose
Output Parameters:
 - Output analyze image
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