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Name:UCF Measure
Type: Module
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Description:UcfMeasure calculates several scalar valued properties of one or more Ucf files. These are reported in a text table , formatted to be imported into a statistics program. Multiple values may be calculated and reported. The output table contains the results of each input UCF file on a separate row, with each measurement in a single column. Various options allow customization of the output table format. The most frequently used property calculates the volume enclosed by the hull defined by considering the Ucf contour traces as a surface. UcfMeasure predates the 4D Ucf mutation, and hence is unable to perform calculations on 4D ucf values. It will, however, read and process the three dimensional coordinates of a 4D ucf.
Input Parameters:
 - Area
 - Input
 - Print message
 - More Help
 - Run all commands
 - RDB output
 - Volume
 - Surface Area
 - X extension
 - Y extension
 - Z extension
 - Curvature
 - Fractal Dimension
 - Slope
 - Intercept
 - Chi Squared
 - Chi Squared Synonym
 - Arc length
 - X Max
 - X Min
 - Y Max
 - Y Min
 - Z Max
 - Z Min
 - Data Min
 - Data Max
 - Levels
 - Total Points
 - Version
 - Verbose
 - No NAN
Output Parameters:
 - Output
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