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Name:Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP)
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Description:The Trans Proteomic Pipeline (TPP) is used for protein identification and quantitation to LC-tandem MS data. The data used in this tutorial workflow has previously been searched with SEQUEST (Thermo Finnigan). Although this tutorial should be helpful to anyone interested in statistical identification and quantitative analysis of proteins with mass spectrometry, this tutorial was designed for the scientist who is currently running SEQUEST searches on their tandem mass spectrometry data and would like to process their data a step further. This tutorial shows an example of how to run the TPP tools so that searched data can be statistically evaluated, quantified and organized using TPP. This tutorial focuses on the application of TPP and only briefly touches on the bioinformatics behind the tools which are included in TPP. License: GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

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