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Description:Regional-state inference (RSI). Usage for this module is as follows: Command line: gammacorelatent gamma.prj.filelist roiFile method Parameters: gamma.prj.filelist: gamma file list roiFile: roi definition method: {lm, voting}. lm : Latent model; voting : Voting Output: roi_state_gamma.csv: regional state in csv format roi_state_gamma.arff: regional state in arff format Example: gammacorelatent gamma.prj.filelist roi.gamma lm This command tells RSI to perform latent model inference for ROI defined in file roi.gamma This program requires a ROI definition file. In this file, voxels are arranged as a column vector. The format of this file is as follows: _______ number of ROIs, number of voxels label1, label2, ... labelN ______ Label is 1 for ROI 1, 2 for ROI 2, ...
Input Parameters:
 - filelist
 - roi file
 - method
 - Execution Directory
Output Parameters:
 - Output Directory
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