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Description:GAMMA with ensemble learning. Usage of this module is as follows: Command line: gammacoreel gamma.prj.filelist method resampling_size 6 Parameters: gamma.prj.filelist: gamma file list method: an integer variable. It takes values from {1 - jackknife; 2 - bootstrap} resampling_size: An integer representing the number of resampling iterations. Example: gammacoreel gamma.prj.filelist 2 200 This command tells GAMMA with ensemble learning to perform bootstrap resampling with resampling size = 200 Output: Label_field_gammael.{hdr, nii}: label field in analyze or nifti format prob_map_gammael.{hdr, nii}: associated probability map in analyze or nifti format bn.el.gamma: generated BN in plain text format bn.el.xdsl: BN in xml format. roi.el.gamma: label field in ROI format. log.el.gamma: run-time information
Input Parameters:
 - Filelist
 - method
 - resampling size
 - Execution Directory
 - Flow Control
Output Parameters:
 - Output Directory
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