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Name:MRI SegStats
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:This program will compute statistics on segmented volumes. In its simplest invocation, it will report on the number of voxels and volume in each segmentation. However, it can also compute statistics on the segmentation based on the values from another volume. This includes computing waveforms averaged inside each segmentation.
Input Parameters:
 - Annotation
 - Report Frame Stats
 - Binarize Mask
 - GCA Color Table
 - Version
 - Color Table File
 - Compute Intracranial Vol
 - Save Volume (Avg Waveform)
 - Report More Stats
 - Help
 - Brain Vol From Seg
 - Partial Voluming
 - Only Nonempty Seg
 - Mask Sign
 - Invert Mask
 - Exclude Seg ID
 - Color Table Default
 - Mask Frame
 - Manual Specify Seg IDs
 - Brain Mask
 - Mask
 - Save Ascii (avg waveform)
 - Input Segmentation Volume
 - Report More Stats-Intensity Name
 - Report More Stats-Intensity Units
 - Surface Title?
 - Subject
Output Parameters:
 - Output Stats Summary Table File
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