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Description:P.S: Click on "Edit" to view citations Maps the cortical labels from the automatic cortical parcellation (aparc) to the automatic segmentation volume (aseg). The result can be used as the aseg would. The algorithm is to find each aseg voxel labeled as cortex (3 and 42) and assign it the label of the closest cortical vertex. If the voxel is not in the ribbon (as defined by mri/lh.ribbon and rh.ribbon), then the voxel is marked as unknown (0). This can be turned off with --noribbon. The cortical parcellation is obtained from subject/label/hemi.aparc.annot which should be based on the curvature.buckner40.filled.desikan_killiany.gcs atlas. The aseg is obtained from subject/mri/aseg.mgz and should be based on the RB40_talairach_2005-07-20.gca atlas. If these atlases are used, then the segmentations can be viewed with tkmedit and the FreeSurferColorLUT.txt color table found in $FREESURFER_HOME. These are the default atlases used by recon-all.
Input Parameters:
 - Subject ID
 - Ribbon
 - a2005s
 - Annotation
 - Help
 - Version
 - Aseg Input
 - WM Label
 - Hypo as WM
 - Rip Unknown
 - Cortex Seg
Output Parameters:
 - Output Segmentation File
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