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Name:Dual Regression
Type: Module
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Description:Usage: dual_regression ......... e.g. dual_regression groupICA.gica/groupmelodic.ica/melodic_IC 1 design.mat design.con 500 grot `cat groupICA.gica/.filelist` A common need for analyses such as ICA for resting-state FMRI is to run a group-average ICA, and then, for each subject, estimate a "version" of each of the group-level spatial maps. Currently, the best way to do this is to use dual regression. This: Regresses the group-spatial-maps into each subject's 4D dataset to give a set of timecourses (stage 1) Regresses those timecourses into the same 4D dataset to get a subject-specific set of spatial maps (stage 2) It is then common to compare the spatial maps across groups of subjects to look for group differences, ideally using randomise permutation testing.
Input Parameters:
 - Group IC maps
 - des norm
 - Design Matrix
 - Design Contrasts
 - Num permutations
 - Input list
Output Parameters:
 - Output Directory
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