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Name:Run First All
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:Usage: run_first_all [options] -i -o Optional arguments: -m : method must be one of auto, fast, none or a (numerical) threshold value -b : input is already brain extracted -s : run only on one specified structure (e.g. L_Hipp) or a comma separated list (no spaces) -a : use affine matrix (do not re-run registration) -3 : use 3-stage affine registration (only currently for hippocampus) -d : do not cleanup image output files (useful for debugging) -v : verbose output -h : display this help message e.g.: run_first_all -i im1 -o output_name
Input Parameters:
 - Input Image
 - pre brain extracted
 - method
 - Structure name
 - Affine matrix
 - 3-stage reg
 - no cleanup
 - Verbose
 - Help
Output Parameters:
 - Output Image name
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