Module Detail Information

Name:BASIL: Oxford_asl
Type: Module
Short URL:
Description:This is a command line tool that provides a single means to fit a kinetic curve model to ASL data for CBF quantification, including absolute quantification via a calibration image and registration of the data. This will generally be the first place to go for most people who want to do fairly standard processing of ASL data.
Input Parameters:
 - Input file
 - Inversion times list
 - Structural Image
 - Standard transform
 - Casl
 - Bolus
 - Bat
 - T1
 - T1b
 - Slicedt
 - Artoff
 - Fixbolus
 - Infert1
 - Regfrom
 - Csf
 - Cgain
 - T1csf
 - Te
 - T2star
 - T2csf
 - T2bl
 - Cref
 - Structural space maps
 - Parameter estimated variance
 - Standard Brain Image
 - Mask
 - spatial
 - Low res image
 - Calibration image
Output Parameters:
 - Output directory
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