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Name:MCFLIRT (nii.gz)
Type: Module
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Description:MCFLIRT is an intra-modal motion correction tool designed for use on fMRI time series and based on optimization and registration techniques used in FLIRT, a fully automated robust and accurate tool for linear (affine) inter- and inter-modal brain image registration.
Input Parameters:
 - Input
 - Cost
 - Histogram Bins
 - Transform DOFs
 - Num of Ref Volume
 - Ref File
 - Scaling
 - Smooth
 - Verbose
 - Rotation
 - Stages
 - Field of View
 - Force Padding of Volume
 - Sinc Final
 - Use Nearest Neighbor
 - Apply Matrix to All
 - Search on Gradient Images
 - Search on Contour Images
 - Regsiter Time Series to a Mean
 - Stats
 - Save Transformation Matrices
 - Save Transformation Parameters
 - Report
 - Help
Output Parameters:
 - Output
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