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Name:Setup Masks
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Description:Lesion Masking For many clinical studies there are pathologies present (we are calling them "lesions" here, but they could be anything) and it is desirable to exclude them from the analysis, since they are usually highly variable across patients. In order to make this task easier in randomise there is a script called setup_masks. This takes a set of user-defined masks (normally drawn by hand) and creates a suitable set of files that can be used in randomise, including modified design matrices and contrasts to include the mask-based EVs. Usage of the script is: setup_masks ... The list of mask images ( ...) must be from subjects in the same order as used in the design matrix New versions of both the design matrix and contrasts are created (starting with the specified output basename). In addition, a set of images is created, suitable as voxelwise regressors for randomise, and a list file tailored for randomise. The final output of the script is an example call to randomise (printed to the screen) that shows exactly how to use the output files in a call to randomise. Other options (as would have been used without the voxelwise regressors) can then be added at the end of the randomise command to easily form a complete randomise call.
Input Parameters:
 - Input matrix
 - Input contrast
 - Mask files
Output Parameters:
 - Output basename
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