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Name:Lesion Filling
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Description:Lesion Filling Improve volume measurements by reducing intensity contrast within known lesion areas. It is intended for use with "small" lesions, such as those typical in Multiple Sclerosis. Overview This tool takes a user-defined lesion mask (usually created manually) together with a structural image (e.g. T1-weighted image, but it could also be T2-weighted, PD, etc.) and "fills" the lesion area in the structural image with intensities that are similar to those in the non-lesion neighbourhood. It has been shown (see references) that using such a method as part of a pre-processing pipeline can improve the registration and segmentation of pathological brains (particular those with Multiple Sclerosis) and the resultant volumetric measures of brain tissue.
Input Parameters:
 - Input file image
 - lesion mask
 - verbose
Output Parameters:
 - Input contrast
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