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Description:PNM is a tool used in conjunction with the GLM (via FEAT) that can be used to model (or "regress out") the effects of physiological noise in functional MRI data. That is, it creates EVs (regressors) that can be used to model the physiological noise within the GLM, alongside other stimulus-related regressors. The regressors are created using physiological recordings, such as pulse-ox and respiratory bellows, and model the MRI signal via a series of sinusoidal basis functions (like RETROICOR). This tool requires physiological recordings to be taken during the functional MRI session. We strongly recommend also recording scanner triggers with the other physiological recordings as this can be vital in getting the timing accurate. Physiological noise modelling is very important for studies looking at the brainstem, spinal cord, and other structures in the inferior parts of the brain, although there is some benefit in any study.
Input Parameters:
 - Samplingrate
 - Tr
 - Cardiac
 - Trigger
 - Rvt
 - Heartrate
 - Pulseox trigger
 - Smoothcard
 - Smoothresp
 - Highfreqcutoff
 - Lowfreqcutoff
 - Nthreshc
 - Initthreshr
 - Nthreshr
 - Invertresp
 - Invertcardiac
 - Noclean2
 - Loadrespphase
 - Vol
 - Startingsample
 - Respadd
 - Respdel
 - Cardadd
 - Carddel
 - Verbose
 - Input filename
 - Resp
 - Loadcardphase
Output Parameters:
 - O out
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