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Description:randomise -i -o -d -t [options] randomise produces a test statistic image (e.g., ADvsNC_tstat1, if your chosen output rootname is ADvsNC) and sets of P-value images (stored as 1-P for more convenient visualization, as bigger is then "better"). The table below shows the filename suffices for each of the different test statistics available. Voxel-wise uncorrected P-values are generally only useful when a single voxel is selected a priori (i.e., you don't need to worry about multiple comparisons across voxels). The significance of suprathreshold clusters (defined by the cluster-forming threshold) can be assessed either by cluster size or cluster mass. Size is just cluster extent measured in voxels. Mass is the sum of all statistic values within the cluster. Cluster mass has been reported to be more sensitive than cluster size (Bullmore et al, 1999; Hayasaka & Nichols, 2003).
Input Parameters:
 - Input
 - Demean data
 - 1-sample group mean test
 - mask image
 - design matrix
 - t contrasts
 - f contrasts
 - exchangeability block labels
 - Effective design
 - Unique permutations
 - Parallel mode info
 - Num permutations
 - Pvalue image out
 - Fonly
 - Cluster enhancement
 - Cluster enhancement with 2d opt
 - Cluster based Thresholding
 - Cluster mass based thresholding
 - F cluster thresholding
 - F cluster mass thresholding
 - variance smoothing
 - Quiet
 - Twopass
 - Raw image out
 - Permutation vector out
 - Null distr out
 - Norcmask
 - Seed
 - Tfce H
 - Tfce E
 - Tfce C
 - Vxl
 - Vxf
 - glm output
 - Permute blocks
Output Parameters:
 - Output
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