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Description:PROBTRACKX involves generating connectivity distributions from user-specified seed voxels or surface vertices (or both). The output will be a single image in the space of the specified seed like this. All brain voxels will have a value (though many of these will be zero) representing the connectivity value between that voxel and the seed voxel (i.e., the number of samples that pass through that voxel). Note that when connectivity distributions are generated from multiple seed points within a region of interest then the time required for the analysis to run will be approximately the number of seed points multiplied by the time taken to generate a distribution from a single point. probtrackx also allows to specify targets for the tractography. These can either be inclusion/exclusion masks, or targets for seed classification based on connectivity.
Input Parameters:
 - Samples
 - Mask
 - Seed
 - Verbose
 - Forcedir
 - Simple
 - Network
 - Opd
 - Pd
 - Fopd
 - Os2t
 - S2tastext
 - Targetmasks
 - Waypoints
 - Waycond
 - Wayorder
 - Onewaycondition
 - Avoid
 - Stop
 - Distthresh1
 - Target2
 - Target3
 - Lrtarget3
 - Distthresh3
 - Target4
 - Xfm
 - Invxfm
 - Seedref
 - Meshspace
 - Nsteps
 - Steplength
 - Distthresh
 - Cthr
 - Fibthresh
 - L loopcheck
 - Modeuler
 - Sampvox
 - Randfib
 - Fibst
 - Rseed
 - nsamples
Output Parameters:
 - Out
 - Dir
 - Omatrix1
 - Omatrix2
 - Omatrix3
 - Omatrix4
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