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Name:ChangeFiletype (nii.gz)
Type: Module
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Description:Used to change the file type of an image (e.g. from ANALYZE_GZ to NIFTI). The first argument is the desired file type (one of ANALYZE, ANALYZE_GZ, NIFTI, NIFTI_GZ, NIFTI_PAIR, NIFTI_PAIR_GZ) and the second is the input file. If no third argument is given then the input file is converted in place. This in place conversion removes the original files: e.g. for an Analyze file called stdimg then avwchfiletype NIFTI_GZ stdimg would replace stdimg.hdr and stdimg.img with stdimg.nii.gz. Note that having multiple copies of an image with the same basename and different filetypes (e.g. stdimg.nii.gz and stdimg.hdr and stdimg.img) creates many problems for determining what images to read, and in general will cause FSL programs to stop.
Input Parameters:
 - File Type
 - Input Filename
Output Parameters:
 - Output Filename
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