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Name:FSLCreate Header(XML-Style Input) (nii.gz)
Type: Module
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Description:This form of AVW Create Header takes in an xml-style file, as written by avwhd -x. AVW Create HD creates a new image header along with a zero intensity data image. The information required in this version is: x/y/z/tsize for image dimensions, x/y/zvoxsize for voxel dimensions (eg in mm), tr for time between volumes (for 3D data set to 0), x/y/zorigin for co-ordinate origin (eg for standard space - otherwise leave as 0 0 0), datatype for the voxel data type (the commonest are: 1=binary, 2=unsigned char, 4=signed short, 8=signed int, 16=float). Note that this is different from the previous versions in that an entire image is created, and will overwrite any .img file contents of the same image name.
Input Parameters:
 - X Size
 - Y Size
 - Z Size
 - T Size
 - X Voxel Size
 - Y Voxel Size
 - Z Voxel Size
 - TR (time b/w vol)
 - X Origin
 - Y Origin
 - Z Origin
 - Data Type
Output Parameters:
 - Header Name
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