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Name:Convert XFM (nii.gz)
Type: Module
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Description:Usage: convert_xfm [options] e.g. convert_xfm -omat -inverse convert_xfm -omat -concat convert_xfm -ref -in -omedx Available options are: -ref (no default) -in (no default) -omat (4x4 ascii format) -omedx (MEDx format) -xfmtype {a,m,u,g,s,t} (Specify MEDx xfm format) a,m = AlignLinearReslice (default) u = UserTransformation g = GenericReslice s = ShadowTransform t = IntoTalairachSpace -concat -fixscaleskew -middlevol -inverse (Reference image must be the one originally used) -matonly (Use no volumes or MEDx support - default) -help
Input Parameters:
 - Inverse
 - Concatenate
 - Fix Scale & Skew
 - Input Matrix
Output Parameters:
 - Output Matrix Filename
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