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Description:This allows a user to search for keywords or parts of words in the brief documentation (as displayed by a program when it first starts). The program name and the brief description is output. If no words to search for are specified, then details of all the EMBOSS programs are output. The program has been written on the assumption that most people will use it to quickly find the name of a program based on that program's description, so the output goes to the screen by default. This program may find some use in automatically generating lists of EMBOSS programs and their groups for Web pages.
Input Parameters:
 - Turn Off Prompts
 - Standard Output
 - Filter
 - Options
 - Debug
 - Verbose
 - Help
 - Report Warnings
 - Report Errors
 - Report Fatal Errors
 - Report Dying Program Messages
 - Version
 - Search Terms
 - Explode
 - No All Match
 - Show Keywords
 - Groups
 - Alphabetic
 - No Emboss
 - No Embassy
 - Show Embassy
 - Parse
 - GUI
Output Parameters:
 - Output File
 - Output Directory
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