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Description:Showorf displays a nucleic acid sequence with its protein translation in a style suitable for publication. The translation can be done in any frame or combination of frames. It uses codon frequency files to do the translation. You can specify the codon frequency file that you use with the '-cfile' option. The default table is 'Ehum.cut'.
Input Parameters:
 - Sequence
 - Start
 - End
 - Reverse
 - Ask
 - Nucleotide
 - Protein
 - Lower Case
 - Upper Case
 - Format
 - Database Name
 - Entry Name
 - UFO Features
 - Features Format
 - Features File
 - Standard Output
 - Filter
 - Options
 - Debug
 - Verbose
 - Help
 - Report Warnings
 - Report Errors
 - Report Fatal Errors
 - Report Dying Program Messages
 - Turn Off Prompts
 - Frames
 - Genetic Code to Use
 - Add a Ruler
 - Number Translations
 - Number DNA Sequence
Output Parameters:
 - Output File
 - Output Directory
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