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Description:octanol draws a hydropathy plot for an input protein sequence. This plots the free energy difference calculated for windows over the protein sequence, of the residues in water compared to two lipid environments: i. Octanol (equivalent to inside a lipid bilayer). ii. The interface of a synthetic lipid bilayer. Free energy differences are calculated for each position in a window of 19 residues by default, about the size of a membrane spanning alpha-helix. The energy values for each residue are summed to get two values for each window. By default, the value plotted is the free energy difference between the interface and octanol environments, which is the best indicator of the location of probable transmembrane regions. Command line options allow the display of the octanol and interface values, or hiding the difference values. The experimental free energy values for the water-interface and water-octanol transitions are read from a datafile (Ewhite-wimley.dat)
Input Parameters:
 - Sequence
 - Start
 - End
 - Reverse
 - Ask
 - Nucleotide
 - Protein
 - Lower Case
 - Upper Case
 - Format
 - Database Name
 - Entry Name
 - UFO Features
 - Features Format
 - Features File
 - Turn Off Prompts
 - Standard Output
 - Filter
 - Options
 - Debug
 - Verbose
 - Help
 - Report Warnings
 - Report Errors
 - Report Fatal Errors
 - Report Dying Program Messages
 - Graph Type
 - Graph Prompting
 - Graph Description
 - Graph Title
 - Graph Subtitle
 - Graph X-Axis Title
 - Graph Y-Axis Title
 - Version
 - White-Wimley Data File
 - Window Size
 - Display Octanol Plot
 - Display Interface Plot
 - Don't Display Difference Plot
Output Parameters:
 - Graph Output File
 - Graph Output Directory
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