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Name:BrainSuite Diffusion Pipeline
Type: Module
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Description:BrainSuite Diffusion Pipeline (BDP) co-registers diffusion and T1 weighted anatomical images. It can also correct diffusion images for geometric distortions due to the use of Echo-Planar Imaging (EPI) sequences in diffusion MRI. The corrected diffusion images are then used to estimate diffusion tensors and orientation distribution functions (ODFs). Co-registration to anatomical space allows for automated connectivity analysis if a corresponding MPRAGE scan has been extracted and labeled by BrainSuite13 along with Surface Volume Registration (SVReg). For more information, please see BrainSuite Diffusion Pipeline is distributed under the license found at: Authored by C. Bhushan and J. P. Haldar, Biomedical Imaging Group, Signal and Image Processing Institute, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA --------------------- Usage: [OPTIONAL FLAGS] -d [...] [OPTIONAL FLAGS] --nii --bvec --bval --check-for-updates --version --help All flags are case-insensitive and are optional, unless mentioned otherwise.
Input Parameters:
 - bfc file
 - original nifti input
 - bvec
 - bval
 - bmat
 - t1 mask
 - dwi mask
 - dicom path
 - distortion direction
 - tensor
 - FRT
 - version
 - check for updates
 - help
 - diffusion coord
 - no intensity corr
 - no distortion corr
 - odf lambda
 - transform diffusion volume
 - transform t1 volume
 - transform interpolation
 - only transform data
 - fieldmap correction
 - ignore fieldmap fov
 - echo spacing
 - fieldmap smooth
 - generate stats
 - only generate stats
 - force partial roi stats
 - custom diffusion label
 - custom t1 label
 - custom label xml
 - threads
 - low memory
 - ignore memory
Output Parameters:
 - output dir
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