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Name:Bias Field Corrector
Type: Module
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Description:Bias Field Corrector: Computes local estimates of gain variation in the iimage using an adaptive partial volume tissue model. Uses the estimates to compute a tri-cubic B-spline. Corrects the extracted barin image using values of the spline
Input Parameters:
 - Input File
 - Mask File
 - Histogram Radius
 - Bias Sample Spacing
 - Control Point Spacing
 - Spline Stiffness Weighting
 - Minimum allowed bias estimate
 - Maximum allowed bias estimate
 - Ellipse
 - Block
 - Iterative Mode
 - Apply Correction Field
 - Small Bias Model
 - Medium Bias Model
 - High Bias Model
 - Verbosity
 - Show Timing
 - Bias Estimate Convergence threshold
Output Parameters:
 - Output File
 - Masked Bias Output
 - Bias Output
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